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Market research and financial simulation for gig platform EasyBusy

For the EasyBusy freelance platform (gig platform, developed by the Russian team of developers) we carried out a whole range of analytical and consulting works, from the preparation of a marketing research on the global and Russian freelance markets to the stage of financial modeling and the preparation of supporting documentation for the project. We took part in the revision of the basic business model of the platform and the development of the structure of key and additional services, which allowed us to significantly improve the profitability of the business at the stage of financial modeling, get positive feedback from investors and attract financing to the project.

About cooperation with freelance platform EasyBusy:

Victor Kalmykov, Phd, expert

It was a very good experience of how the right business and strategic planning can significantly improve the projected financial and operational performance of the project and business. We are proud that our participation in the strategic planning of the project allowed us to ultimately attract funding to it.

Our approach

Each client is individual for us. We create working conditions in which we become part of the project, live in the interests of the Client and the project, make the process of our interaction the most comfortable and enjoyable for all interested parties.


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