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Evaluation to improve value management

1.5 months

1 day

Cost estimation process


Statement of the objectives of the assessment process

Together with the customer

14 days

Valuation process

Assessment of the current market value of the company, including the choice of valuation methods

7 days

VBM modeling

Development of a value-oriented VBM scorecard

7 days


Identification of key cost factors (drivers), selection of a method for their analysis and accounting for the purposes of the VBM methodology

14 days

Balanced scorecard 

Analysis and assessment of the contribution of various departments of the company to the total cost. Supporting implementation of BSC company management practice

14 days

Compilation of a report

Development of an effective system of control over the activities of the company, remuneration and encouragement of managers from a position of value growth

Accompanying in fundraising

~ 6-12 months

Strategy Development

14-21 days

Based on the results of the assessment, we offer tools to increase the value of business / property

6-12 months

Strategy implementation

By participating in strategic sessions, monitoring the actions of performers, etc., we implement the adopted strategy

STEP 2 (Optional)

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