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Определение задач //  формирование гипотез

Определение задач //  формирование гипотез

Accompanying in fundraising 

~ 6-12 months

Strategy Development

14-21 days

Based on the business decision, we are developing a strategy for its implementation

6-12 months

Strategy implementation

By participating in strategic sessions, monitoring the actions of performers, etc., we implement the adopted strategy

STEP 2 (Optional)

Order Market Research

1 / 1.5 months

1 day

Market research process


Definition of tasks // formation of hypotheses

Together with the customer

3 days

Research program

We form an individual research program

7 days

Data collection

We use open and closed (including databases of leading news agencies) databases

7 days

Data analysis

When conducting analysis and forecasting, we use econometric, probabilistic and other models

7 days

Preparing of report

Based on the study and the forecast model, we build a report

5 days

Making a business decision

We advise the customer on making business decisions based on the analysis

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