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Consulting Insurtech platform Oval Global

We have provided financial and investment advisory services for Oval Global Ltd. The general structure of services that our consultants provided to the project team included: legal modelling, analyzing insurance markets and Insurtech in key jurisdictions of business expansion, financial modeling (including cash flows forecasting, forecasting operating and capital costs, preparing DCF and other pre-money valuation models), preparation of supporting documentation for investors (including business planning, preparing investment slide deck and other documents). At stage 2, we accompanied the project team in negotiations with potential investors, including negotiations with venture funds and business angels.  

About cooperation with Oval Global Ltd:

Victor Kalmykov, Phd, expert

Partnership with Oval Global and support of this project is a privilege for us, as well as great experience. We have provided full range of services for Oval: from market assessment to project support in attracting investments. And we are honored that the Client was satisfied!

Our approach

Each client is individual for us. We create working conditions in which we become part of the project, live in the interests of the Client and the project, make the process of our interaction the most comfortable and enjoyable for all interested parties.


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